The most important thing about an investment philosophy is having one you can stick with. Ours is based on two core principles: keep it simple and focus on what you can control. This means we use low cost, tax efficient, diversified portfolios that allow clients to keep more of their return.

Things That Matter

The things that matter are different for everyone and can change over time. We work with clients to identify and articulate their priorities and goals. The things that matter will form the blueprint for your portfolio.

Things We Can Control

In markets, as in life, there are many things beyond our control. We help clients take charge of what they can:

  • risks we take - are we getting compensated for it?
  • costs & taxes - minimize both
  • our behaviour - investing is 90% temperament, 10% intelligence
No Hunches | No Guesswork | No Drama

“Chris, Dixie and the team at Beacon Hill have continued to impress me with their passion for client service and investment expertise. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a great team to help manage their wealth.”
Phil Hogan - Partner - Hutcheson & Co